Welcome at Barbara’s HD Wallpapers, a website with backgrounds of mostly nature to use on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Use the menu or search function to view many wallpapers with animals, places, abstract backgrounds, beach, forest, flowers and many more.

Nature is everything in the world that is not made by people. You can think about rocks, sea, mountains, forest, beach, sunset, ocean, waterfalls, lake, animals, plants, flowers, trees and more. There are also events in nature, like rain, wind, rainbows, tornado or a thunderstorm. You will find the best free wallpapers here.

Nature wallpaper with water and trees
Nature wallpaper with a swamp in Serbia. A few months a year this area is filled with water.

Photo’s of nature and landscapes

When I’m on vacation, or just one day out, I like to photograph what I see. I’m particularly interested in sceneries without the influence of people. Thats why you see a lot of nature and animal backgrounds on my website.

Download Nature backgrounds

If you want to download one of these nature wallpapers for free, just click on the picture and you will be redirected to the download page. There you can right click on the wallpaper and save it to your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The background picures are in various resolutions suitable for desktop.

Sunset at beach
Nice view at the beach in The Netherlands at sunset. The sun is almost down and the sky is orange.
Nature wallpaper with green water
HD wallpaper with green water in Tenerife. It’s a small stream and you see many small stones.
Wallpaper with sand beach
A beautiful scenery with a sand beach in Holland in the summer, with many people in the sand.
HD wallpaper swamp and forest
HD wallpaper with forest and swamp. All trees are growing with their feet in the water.
Nature wallpaper with sea water
A simple landscape with blue sea water, under a blue sky with some clouds, and the sun shining in the water.
perfect sunset at the beach
Perfect sunset at the beach, with waves and foam in the sea water.
Nature wallpaper mountains in Spain
Mountains in Spain.
Rocks and sea in South Africa.
Rocks and sea in South Africa. There are white houses with red roofs build on top of the rocks.
Picture with green river and forest
Great picture with a river with green water, and forest on the banks. The photo was taken in Serbia.
Mountain tops with snow
Nature HD wallpaper with mountains with snow.