A few years ago I start collecting wallpapers I found on the internet. More and more visitors came to my website. Then a while ago I asked myself the question: Why would people come to my website, if they can only find wallpapers they can find on other big websites too? So half 2015 I started placing my own photo’s as wallpapers. And learned to edit pictures to make totally new wallpapers.

Ok maybe not all of my wallpapers are as astonishing as the ones on the biggest wallpaper sites. I know that. But I’m learning every day and the pictures get better and better. And so is my English. I think.

Barbara Busquet

hd wallpaper painting with house
When I was a little kid… I painted a house. It’s hangs now on one of my bedroom walls.

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  1. Margaret Hughes

    I use your wallpapers all the time. They are beatiful.
    Thank you so much.

  2. dimce

    thanks barbara for beautiful wallpapers.Hvala od srca

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