Abstract wallpapers in many colors and patterns, with stripes, hearts, stars, circles, rainbows, 3D or other shapes. %%page%%

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Colorful neon lights wallpaper

Abstract neon wallpapers

Abstract neon wallpapers with lights in many colors. Download a neon wallpaper If you want to download one of these colorful wallpapers, just click on the picture and you will…


Pink abstract flowers

Pink abstract flowers? I really like nature wallpapers. But I also like abstract wallpapers. So I tried to combine those two things in one picture. Here you see two wallpapers…


Abstract circles and stripes

Circles and stripes will always be a good combination. If you combine a few pictures you get the most wonderfull wallpapers. Like this colorful wallpaper with circles and stripes. There…


Grass and blue flowers

Grass and blue flowers a good combination? See for yourself! Abstract wallpaper with green grass and blue flowers. I made it look like the grass is made from colorful glass.…

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Roses and all colors of the rainbow.

Abstract wallpaper with roses

Abstract wallpaper with roses. Beautiful wallpaper with a black background, and lights in all colors of the rainbow, and pink and red roses. I get satisfaction out of seeing stuff…


Abstract blue wallpaper

Abstract blue wallpaper with lines and stripes. Are you looking for an abstract wallpaper with the main color blue? Here you have one. This beautiful desktop wallpaper has lines and…


Green and orange shapes

Green and orange shapes wallpaper. Dark wallpaper with shapes in the colors green and orange. The center of the wallpaper is light. Download a wallpaper with green and orange shapes…


Luminous wallpaper black blue

Luminous wallpapers with many colors. Black wallpaper with blue colors on a black background. Pictures like this make me happy. Download this Luminous wallpaper in black and blue colors If…

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Colorful HD wallpaper big black star.

Wallpapers with big star

Colorful wallpaper with a big star. The main color of the star is light blue. Download a wallpaper with a big star If you want to download this wallpaper, just…


Abstract wallpapers

Abstract HD wallpapers in many colors, and various patterns. I made most of them in GIMP. Abstract backgrounds with lights, in red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, white, purple, black and…

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Abstract pattern wallpaper with dots

Abstract wallpaper with dots

Abstract wallpapers with dots. The first wallpaper is in the colors red, black and yellow. The right side is dark, and the left side is lighter. Download an Abstract wallpaper…