Goat in mountains

Wallpapers with a goat in the mountains. You see the brown with black goat on a rock near a road….

Sea lions on rock

Wallpapers with sea lions on a rock, surrounded by green water in a zoo in The Netherlands. Together with the fur…

Marmot in zoo

Wallpaper with a marmot, a large squirrel. These social animals usually live in the mountains or grassland.

Komodo dragon Wallpaper

Komodo dragon wallpaper with a close-up photo of the largest living lizard species. The animal is also known as the…

Red Kangaroo Wallpapers

Red kangaroo wallpapers with the largest of all kangaroos. I took these photos in a small Dutch zoo. Download one…

Demoiselle crane wallpaper

Wallpaper with a demoiselle crane. This species of crane live in Europe and Asia. I photographed it in a Dutch zoo….