In this category you find animals wallpapers with all kinds of animals. Like lion’s, tigers, elephants, pelicans, dogs, cats, storks, snake’s, turtles, sharks and many more.

Pigs Wallpapers

Wallpapers with pigs and piglets.¬†Actually I don’t photograph pigs often. So for now only these two wallpapers with mother and…
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Ocean Life Wallpapers

Ocean life wallpaper with fish and sea anemones, coral and more.¬†It’s verry hard to make photo’s of fish and other…
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Monkey Wallpapers

Wallpapers with monkeys pictured in a Dutch zoo. Baboons and mandrils. Soon I’ll upload pictures of Gorilla’s and chimpanzees too….
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Crocodile Wallpapers

Crocodile wallpapers. Crocodiles live in Africa, Asia, America and Australia in the wild, and everywhere on the planet in zoo’s….
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