In this category you find animals wallpapers with all kinds of animals. Like lion’s, tigers, elephants, pelicans, dogs, cats, storks, snake’s, turtles, sharks and many more.

pink blue wallpaper with cow

Pink blue wallpaper with cow

Beautiful wallpaper with a black white cow and pink butterflies. The main colors of the background are blue and pink.

Piranhas in aquarium

Piranhas in aquarium

The Piranha (or piraña) is a freshwater fish that normally lives in South American rivers. They are known for their…
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Sea Lion Wallpapers

Sea lion wallpapers with photos of these sea mammals in a zoo. Sea lions have an average lifespan of 20–30…
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HD wallpaper white stork and geese

Stork and geese

Download this stork with geese wallpaper If you want to download this wallpaper, just click on the picture and you…
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Bird wallpaper with Southern screamer

Southern screamers

Southern screamer wallpaper with two of these birds. They are excellent swimmers and fliers, but prefer to move on the…
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