Blue Wallpapers

Blue wallpapers with ocean, sky, flowers, leaves and many abstract desktop backgrounds in the color blue. Dark and light blue wallpapers.

Dark blue wallpaper with water drops
Dark blue abstract wallpaper with water drops.
Light blue pattern wallpaper
Dark with light blue pattern wallpaper.
Blue HD wallpaper view on a city
View on a city. This picture is taken from a tall tower.
Blue pattern wallpaper with stars.
Blue pattern wallpaper with stars. The left is baby blue and the right is verry light.
Blue wallpaper with dog paws.
Blue wallpaper with dog paws.
Light and dark blue wallpaper with circles.
Dark and light blue wallpaper with circles.
Blue spiral wallpaper.
Blue spiral wallpaper.
Blue pattern wallpaper with butterflies
Dark blue pattern wallpaper with butterflies.
HD wallpaper with icicles.
HD wallpaper with icicles.
Blue wallpaper filled with hearts
Blue wallpaper filled with small dark hearts.
The sea at sunset in blue colors.
The sea at sunset, photographed from the Dutch beach.
Blue abstract wallpaper with small dots
Small dots, horizontal stripes and a leaf.
Abstract dark blue wallpaper with stars
Dark blue and small stars.
Light blue abstract wallpaper
Light blue abstract wallpaper. It looks a bit like water.
Black blue pattern background.
Black blue pattern background.
Dark blue photo with small lights
HD wallpaper with blue lights i nthe sky.
blue abstract wallpaper
Simple and calming.
Blue with black plasma.
Blue with black plasma.
Blue gradient wallpaper
Blue gradient wallpaper with lighter and darker area’s.
Simple wallpaper with a boy
Simple wallpaper with a boy.
Blue wallpaper with flowers
Blue wallpaper filled with small flowers.
blue abstract wallpaper with pink and light
Blue abstract wallpaper with pink circles and white light.
Blue wallpaper with light
Blue wallpaper with light in the left upper corner.
Dark blue abstract wallpaper
Dark blue abstract wallpaper.
Light Blue gradient wallpaper
Light blue gradient background.
Sea and blue sky
Photo of the sea and a clear sky.
Blue wallpaper with ocean and rocks
Nature picture with ocean and rocks.
Blue pattern in bedroom
HD wallpaper with a blue pattern. Its actually a picture of the floor in one of my bedrooms.

Download a HD Blue Wallpaper

If you want to download one of these color wallpapers, just click on the picture and you will be redirected to the download page. There you can right click on the wallpaper and save it to your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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