Wallpapers with a specific color, like red, blue, white, yellow, green, red, pink, brown, orange, purple and gray. Abstract backgrounds with nice patterns.

Black Wallpapers

Black wallpapers in HD.¬†Beautiful backgrounds in the color black, with bridges, water, flowers, lights, abstract, love hearts, galaxy, forest and other patterns….
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White Wallpapers in HD

Beautiful wallpapers in the color white. HD backgrounds with patterns, spiders, bats, lips, arrows, water, hearts, abstract and more. Download a white…
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Gray Wallpapers

Gray wallpapers in the color grey. HD backgrounds with red hearts, abstract, pattern, fireworks, blood ¬†and more. I was wondering if I…
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Gold Wallpapers

Golden wallpapers in the color gold. It’s verry hard to make a golden color on the computer. Mostly the color looks more…
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Black White Wallpapers

Black white wallpapers in HD with beautiful patterns, delicious ice cream with banana and whipped cream, bridge, sunflower in my back yard,…
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HD wallpaper rainbow in the mountains

Colorful Rainbows wallpapers

Rainbow wallpapers with all colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple. Abstract rainbow wallpapers and photo’s of…
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