Grey crowned crane wallpapers

Three Grey crowned crane wallpapers with these colorful birds. The grey crowned crane is about 1 m (3.3 ft) tall and weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) and a wingspan of 2 m (6.5 ft) (source: Wikipedia).

Grey crowned crane near the water with duckweed.

Grey crowned crane near the water with duckweed. It’s head had a golden crown of stiff feathers.

Crane bird with grass and water.

HD wallpaper with a crane bird with grass and water.

These birds are omnivores. They eat plants, seeds, grain, insects, frogs, worms, small fish and eggs.

Grey crowned crane wallpaper

Grey crowned crane wallpaper. The body is mainly grey. The wings are mostly white but also feathers with a range of colours.

Download one of these crane birds wallpapers

If you want to download one of these wallpapers, just click on the picture and you will be redirected to the download page. There you can right click on the wallpaper and save it to your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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