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Desktop background Fire-cracker vine.

Orange flame or trumpet flower

Wallpapers with orange trumpet vine flowers. Other names are flame flowers (flamevine) or fire cracker vine. It's a tropical plant, originally from Brazil. Download an orange trumpet flower wallpapers If…

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HD wallpaper yellow Kalanchoe flowers.

Yellow Kalanchoe wallpapers

HD wallpapers with yellow Kalanchoe flowers. When all flowers are dead you don't have to throw the plant. Put it in the dark for about 5 weeks and then put it…

Read more about the article Lava landscape on Lanzarote
Lava landscape on the island Lanzarot.

Lava landscape on Lanzarote

Wallpapers with a red lava landscape on Lanzarote. The spanish island belongs to the Canary Islands. Lanzarote has a volcanic origin. It was born through eruptions and has solidified lava…

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Bellis perennis daisies wallpaper

Bellis perennis daisy wallpaper

Wallpaper with Bellis perennis, a commom European species of daisy. Other names are common-, lawn- or English daisy. The flower petals are usually totally white, sometimes with pink edges or…

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HD wallpaper close-up photo yellow tulip

Close up yellow tulip

Close-up photo of a yellow tulip. This flower was part of a spring bouquet in a glass vase. When tulip mania dies down, all that remains are pretty flowers. When…

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Hunebedden (dolmens) in the Netherlands.

Dolmens in The Netherlands

Wallpapers with dolmens in The Netherlands. In my country dolmens are called hunebedden. We have more than 50 of these prehistoric stone graves in the country.   Did you know…

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HD wallpaper with a pink rose on a gray background.

Pink Rose close-up Wallpaper

Wallpaper with a pink rose, in 4k (Ultra HD). The flower has light pink petals and the background is gray.   Download this Rose wallpaper If you want to download…

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HD wallpaper with a cairn in Iceland

Stone cairn in Iceland

Wallpaper with a stone cairn in Iceland. A cairn is pile (or stack) of stones, made by human. Stone cairns are also known as rock piles, stone mounds, and stone heaps. They come in…

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HD wallpaper Hraunfossar waterfalls

Hraunfossar waterfalls wallpapers

Hraunfossar is a series of waterfalls in iceland. The name means "lava waterfalls".   The waterfalls are a collection of many creeks and cascades streaming out of the lava over a distance…

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Godafoss waterfall in Iceland

Goðafoss waterfall wallpapers

Goðafoss of Godafoss is a waterfall in Iceland. The name means "Waterfall of the Gods". The water of the river Skjálfandafljót falls from a height of twelve meters over a width…

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HD wallpaper ice floes in Iceland

Ice floes in Iceland

Wallpapers with ice floes in Iceland. An ice floe or ice float is a large pack of floating ice. Soon more wallpapers.. Download one of these ice wallpapers in Iceland…