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Fire Wallpapers

Fire wallpapers with orange red flames and explosions. Also volcano fire and fire pattern wallpapers. Just as a candle cannot burn without…
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Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly wallpapers with patterns in all colors, sitting on flowers, leafes or eating fruits. These photo’s where taken in a butterfly garden…
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Bears Wallpapers

HD wallpapers with brown bears swimming in the dark green water of a zoo. you can find polar bears elsewhere on this…
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Tigers Wallpapers

Animal wallpapers with tigers! Tigers are the largest cat species. The first two photo’s are made in the zoo in Tenerife. There…
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Roses Wallpapers

Rose wallpapers with roses in all colors. Bouquets, single roses, with and without thorns. On bushes, in fields, on fences or in…
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Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookie wallpapers! Yum! First a brown desktop wallpaper with brown chocolate chip cookies on it. Three small ones on one huge…
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Guinea Pig Wallpapers

Guinea pig wallpapers with guinea pigs in the colors brown, white and black (tri color), made by my sister Kristianne Busquet. Beautiful…
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Friends Wallpapers

Black wallpapers with the logo of tv series Friends. And also a colorful wallpaper with the Friends logo. All wallpapers have 2560×1440 resolution.

TV Series Bones

I watched many episodes of TV series Bones. Simple dark blue desktop wallpaper with the Bones logo. And if you like color… I…
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Singers and models

Singers and models make nice wallpapers… But because of copyright isues I don’t have wallpapers anymore on my site of singers like…
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Cars wallpapers

Cars wallpapers with various types and colors of cars. Sports cars and even a police car. How to download one of these…
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