Pattern wallpapers with patterns in all colors with squares, triangles, circles, hexagons, flower patterns and more.

Rainbow pattern

Colorful pattern wallpapers with all colors of the rainbow! Click on the wallpaper to see it full size. Download a…
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Black pattern Wallpapers

Black pattern wallpapers with butterflies and hearts. Soon I will upload more black backgrounds with patterns. Download one of these…
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Triangles and white dots

Beautiful green wallpaper with triangles and white dots. Download this triangles wallpaper with dots If you want to download this…
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Purple pattern Wallpapers

Pattern wallpapers in the color purple. With various shapes like squares, triangles and flowers. Download one of these purple pattern…
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Yellow pattern wallpapers

Yellow pattern wallpapers in ofcourse the color yellow. Some light, other darker. With various other colors, and shapes like triangles,circles,…
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Stars made of fire

Dark wallpaper with a star pattern made of fire! Download this fire stars wallpaper If you want to download this…
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