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Pink Wallpapers


Pink wallpapers for everyone who loves this color. Light and dark abstract backgrounds, and pictures with flowers, clouds, grass, hearts, galaxy and water. Pink is any of the colors between white, magenta and red.

Pink wallpaper tulip and roses

A big transparent tulip and many roses.

Pink white pattern wallpaper

Light pink with white pattern wallpaper.

abstract black pink wallpaper

Dark pink abstract wallpaper with small lights like in the galaxy.

Light and dark pink wallpaper with circles.

Light and dark pink wallpaper with circles.

Light pink wallpaper with flowers.

Light pink wallpaper with various kinds of flowers and balloons.

Shiny dark wallpaper filled with hearts.

Shiny dark wallpaper filled with shiny hearts.

Pink spiral wallpaper.

Pink spiral wallpaper.

Pink wallpaper with squares

Pink wallpaper with a pattern with squares.

HD wallpaper big heart

HD wallpaper with a big heart in all colors of the rainbow.

Pink pattern wallpaper with flowers.

Pink pattern wallpaper with flowers.

Pink pattern wallpaper with spines.

Pink pattern wallpaper with spines from the center.

Grass and flowers in the water.

Pink wallpaper with water grass and flowers in the water.

pink abstract wallpaper with clouds

Some fantasy landscape with pink clouds.

Pink wallpaper with flowers

Pink wallpaper with flowers.

Desktop background with flower pattern

Desktop background with a nice bright flower pattern.

Pink roses pattern wallpaper

Light colored roses.

pink flowers wallpaper

Light flower pattern wallpaper with triangles. Its made of roses.

Pink wallpaper with many hearts

Pink wallpaper with many hearts all over.

simple light pink wallpaper

Simple light wallpaper with some lights.

pink abstract wallpaper diagonal lights

Purple to pink abstract wallpaper with diagonal lights.

Light baby pink abstract wallpaper

Beautiful light baby pink abstract wallpaper.

Pink pattern wallpaper

Pink pattern wallpaper with some purple in it.

Abstract dark pink wallpaper with small lights

This wallpaper is a variation on one of the wallpapers earlier in this post.

Download light Pink wallpapers in HD

If you want to download one of these color wallpapers, just click on the picture and you will be redirected to the download page. There you can right click on the wallpaper and save it to your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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