Autumn / fall wallpapers from the season with lots of colored leaves on the trees and on the ground, mushrooms and empty branches.

Mushroom in autumn

Colorful mushrooms in autumn, and purple leaves. The background has all colors of the rainbow. Download this colorful mushroom in autumn…
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Rhododendron in autumn

Rhododendrons are mostly pictured in spring when they flower. This one flowered pink in May. Unlike other plants or trees the…
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Autumn Wallpapers

Autumn is here again! Time to put a nice autumn picture as background on your computer. Nice autumn wallpapers with trees in…
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Red slug in autumn

It’s autumn! I wanted to take some photo’s of colored leaves, but instead I found this red slug! This slug…
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HD wallpaper red leaves in fall

Red leaves in fall

Wallpaper with red leaves on branches during fall. The sky is white and on the right are empty branches.