Season wallpapers from spring, with lots of green nature, flowers and birds

Rhododendron in spring

Wallpapers of my rhododendron in spring. You saw this plant from my backyard in autumn and winter, and now in spring its…
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Pink blossom in spring

Wallpaper with a tree with pink blossom in spring. It’s amazing how trees change in the spring. Download this spring blossom wallpaper…
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Spring flower bouquet

A colorful spring flower bouquet. Download one of these wallpapers with a spring flower bouquet If you want to download one of…
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Yellow flower in spring

A beautiful yellow flower in the spring. And some other flowers and green leaves on the background. Does anyone know the name…
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Spring flowers wallpapers

Beautiful spring wallpapers with colorful flowers in a garden in The Netherlands. You can see many colors. I use these wallpapers myself…
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Yellow Narcissus

Narcissus wallpaper. Another name for narcissus is daffodil. Narcissus are mostly yellow or white, but there are other varities too. I edited…
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Spring Wallpapers

Beautiful HD wallpapers about Spring, with landscapes with flowers, butterflies, bees, birds and blossom on the trees. You can download a wallpaper…
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