Winter wallpapers with white landscapes with snow and ice. Also nature wallpapers with empty trees. or a tree with snow.

Snowman wallpapers

Snowman wallpapers with snowmen in the winter, and icycles and carrot noses. Download a snowman wallpaper If you want to download this winter wallpaper, just click on the picture and…

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HD wallpaper coffee and snow

Coffee mug in the snow

HD wallpaper coffee in the snow. There was only like 1 centimeter snow so I put the mug down and had to hurry to take a photo before the snow…


Statue child with dog

Statue of a child holding a dog, covered with snow in the winter. In the background is a wooden fence and there are some leaves on the ground. Download this…


Grassfield with snow

Grassfield in my backyard with snow. Two winter wallpapers with white snow. It's the first snow this winter in the Netherlands. Download one of these grass with snow wallpapers If…


Winter Wallpapers

Winter wallpapers from the winter season, with snow, snowman, bare trees and ice. And kids playing in the snow  In the next photo you see my village in the winter, covered…