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Penguin Wallpapers

Here are a few wallpapers of penguins in a zoo. They live in an environment with sand, stones, bushes, trees and grass….
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Swans Wallpapers

Swans are close related to ducks and geese. They belong to the same family and subfamily. The difference between swans and geese…
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Vultures Wallpapers

Wallpapers with vultures. Vultures are classified into two groups: the New¬†World vultures and the Old World vultures. Download a vulture wallpaper If…
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Birds Wallpapers

Birds Wallpapers with all kinds of birds, like flamingo’s, white storks, pigeons, pelicans and peacocks. Photographed in nature and in zoo’s.

Seagull Wallpapers

In Norway are many seagulls as you can see on these wallpapers. And in South Netherlands I visited a dike at the…
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Chicken wallpapers

Chicken wallpapers with a photo with two brown chickens, seperated by wire mesh in a zoo. And a wallpaper with a brown…
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