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Silver wallpapers

Wallpapers in the color silver. It’s kinda hard to make a silver color in a photo editing program, so this post ain’t…
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Pink Wallpapers

Pink wallpapers for everyone who loves this color. Light and dark abstract backgrounds, and pictures with flowers, clouds, grass, hearts, galaxy and…
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Blue Wallpapers

Blue wallpapers with ocean, sky, flowers, leaves and many abstract desktop backgrounds in the color blue. Dark and light blue wallpapers. Download…
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HD wallpaper with hearts orange

Orange Wallpapers

HD wallpapers in the color orange. Beautiful orange backgrounds with patterns, fire, flowers, spirals, stars and lights in the galaxy, water, abstract…
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Green wallpapers

Green wallpapers with flowers, patterns, fireworks, trees, stars in the galaxy, butterflies and more. Many abstract HD wallpapers in the color green….
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Brown Wallpapers

HD wallpapers in the color brown. Brown is made by combining red, yellow and black, or red and green. When i think…
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Purple Wallpapers

Purple wallpapers in the color purple with beautiful patterns, stars in the galaxy, water, paint, flowers, rectangles, dots, horizontal stripes in lighter…
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Red Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers in the color red. Red is the color of blood, and is also associated with passion, love, danger, courage, sacrifice…
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Yellow Wallpapers

Yellow wallpapers with water bubbles, stars, abstract patterns and more. In the spectrum of visible light, and in the traditional color wheel…
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Black Wallpapers

Black wallpapers in HD.¬†Beautiful backgrounds in the color black, with bridges, water, flowers, lights, abstract, love hearts, galaxy, forest and other patterns….
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White Wallpapers in HD

Beautiful wallpapers in the color white. HD backgrounds with patterns, spiders, bats, lips, arrows, water, hearts, abstract and more. Download a white…
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Gray Wallpapers

Gray wallpapers in the color grey. HD backgrounds with red hearts, abstract, pattern, fireworks, blood ¬†and more. I was wondering if I…
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