Yellow Wallpapers

Yellow wallpapers with water bubbles, stars, abstract patterns and more. In the spectrum of visible light, and in the traditional color wheel used by painters, yellow is located between green and orange. The color yellow is often associated with gold, sunshine and hapiness but also with envy, jealousy and betrayal. Most wallpapers have 2560×1440 resolution.

Water drops or bubbles
Dark yellow picture with small water drops or bubbles.
Yellow pattern wallpaper
Yellow pattern wallpaper.
Light yellow wallpaper with flowers.
Light yellow wallpaper with flowers.
Simple desktop background with flowers
Simple desktop background with flowers.
Yellow wallpaper jigsaw puzzle pattern
HD wallpaper jigsaw puzzle pattern.
Yellow wallpaper rounded squares
Yellow wallpaper rounded squares.
Light yellow wallpaper with sporting women.
Yellow wallpaper with sporting women.
Abstract horizontal lines
Beautiful abstract wallpaper with lights and horizontal lines. You also can see green and orange colors.
Yellow wallpaper with lines
Beautiful yellow HD wallpaper with lines in 3D.
Small and big white stars
HD wallpaper filled with white stars. There are small and bigger stars.
Wallpaper with kalanchoe pattern
Wallpaper with kalanchoe pattern.
Dark yellow wallpaper with hearts.
Dark yellow wallpaper with hearts.
Yellow abstract water wallpaper
Abstract wallpaper with waves in the water.
Yellow pattern wallpaper with circles.
Yellow pattern wallpaper with circles.
Pattern wallpaper of bedroom floor
Pattern wallpaper. The structure is taken from one of the floors in my house. The orginal color was dark blue.
Yellow water wallpaper
Dark yellow wallpaper filled with water.

Download Yellow wallpapers

If you want to download one of these color wallpapers, just click on the picture and you will be redirected to the download page. There you can right click on the wallpaper and save it to your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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